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-Aah [EC 001, EC Records]
-Acid In The House Mix Vol. 1 [ZYX 6066-12, ZYX Records]
-Adjustment Of Status [LANDEDREC007, Landed Records]
-Ain't No Sunshine [573 269-1, Polydor]
-America (I Love America) [12 STR 56, Stress Records]
-Amethyst Rock Star [COL 501593 1, Columbia]
-Analog Grooves #4 [MG109, Mental Groove Records]
-And I Loved You [FX 134, 869 007-1, FFRR, FFRR]
-Antologia (1957-1980) [CLN 22504, Clan Celentano]
-Apostrophe (') [DIS 59201, Discreet]
-Are You Out There [FX 270, FFRR]
-Are You Ready / Moments In Time [HECT 008, Hectic Records]
-Artist [Title, Catalog]
-Atlantis (Remixes) [UPL 0010-12, Planet Love Records]

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