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-Fall [Ongaku 015, Ongaku Musik]
-Fantasies Of The Mind [SW 92015, See Saw]
-Fee Fi Fo Fum [VCRT 1, 7243 8 93101 6 0, VC Recordings, VC Recordings]
-Fiesta Loca [SFT 0024-12, Shift Music]
-Fight For Your Right [DEF 650418 7, 650418 7, Def Jam Recordings, Def Jam Recordings, CBS, CBS]
-Fish Eat Duck [KTMLP001, Ketama Records]
-Five [grow! 24, Grow!]
-Fizheuer Zieheuer [PLAY133, Playhouse]
-Flash And The Boys [none, Not On Label]
-For My Bleeps / Venom [VIS106, 20:20 Vision]
-Four Times More [108 716, Ariola]
-Frankfurt Trax Volume 4 - The Hall Of Fame [DAN 474395 1, Dance Pool]
-Freak [GR 001, Ganovy Records]
-French Kiss [306;"BCM Records, 7"", Single]
-Fullmoon & Praise The Future [GAR 001, Le Garage Records]
-Future Paradise / Polyphony [GU31, Glasgow Underground]

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