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-I Can't Stop / Fuze 1+2 [PT09, Proper Talent]
-I Like It Like That [JOCELYN001, Not On Label (Inner Life)]
-I Need Somebody Tonight [AZNY 48, AZULI 48, Azuli Records, Azuli Records]
-I Need Your Love - Love House Vol. 1 [519 210-1, Urban]
-I Saw Him Standing There [TIFF 3, MCA Records]
-I Want You [AUS1470, Aus Music]
-I Want Your Sex [650783 7, Epic]
-I'm Doing My Thaug [OPR 94002, Opposit Records]
-Ibiza [HOSPS11, Take Me To The Hospital]
-Ich schick dir eine weisse Wolke [6003 900, Philips]
-Ideophone EP [IR001, Ideophone Records]
-If I Ever Feel Better [VENMX 334, Vendetta Records]
-If It Moves ...Dunk It [LOAD 060, Loaded Records]
-II - The Belgica Wave Anthem [BR 93039, Bonzai Records]
-Impact State EP [PLAC 017-6, Plastic City]
-In The Dark We Live (Thee Lite) [Bush1011, Bush]
-Infected [TRUTH 3, Epic, Some Bizzare]
-Infidelity [248399-7, WEA, Elektra]
-Influence / Misunderstanding [JAL 17, Just Another Label]
-Intershop [KOMPAKT RSD 3, Kompakt]
-Into Your Heart [Bush 1019, Bush]
-Invisible Light [BNR049, Boysnoize Records]
-It Comes A Dime A Dozen EP [SHELL 007, Tom & Jerry]
-It's Yours [CHEZ-018, Chez Music]
-Italo82 [12R01, 12Records]
-IV [BR 94058, Bonzai Records]

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